It's always good to know...

- that all our classes are taught in English

- it is obligatory to make a reservation and to pay online first before attending a class 

- we open 15 minutes before the start of the class. Please arrive on time so we that can start on time. If you are not going to make it, please (late) cancel your reservation, otherwise you are holding a spot in the class and someone else can not join you can not give your reservation to someone else, each person has their own account

- in this studio we teach with hands-on-adjustments, this is the Ashtanga Mysore method of teaching. If you do not want to be adjusted then you are responsible for mentioning that to the teacher yourself at the beginning of the class. The teacher will not ask you for permission. Be clear on this from the start

you have to register on EVERSPORTS to sign up and join a class. Please provide us with your valid email address and phone number we require this information so that we can contact you in case of emergencies eg. last minute class cancellations your personal information will be kept private

you can not share an Eversports account, each person has their own account

- we do not give refunds except when a class is cancelled by us, for instance if the teacher is ill and we can not find a cover last minute

- you can cancel your class reservation up to 6 hours before the beginning of the class, no credit if cancelled within 6 hours before the class begins

- if you cancel a class on time then you can receive a class credit and use it for another class

- yoga is best done on an empty stomach so do not eat just before class 

- try not to drink too much before class or during the practice, try to wait until after Savasana 

- let your teacher know before class in the case of pregnancy, injuries or health issues

- we do not accept cash or card payments, please make sure to book and pay online

thank you for your understanding

- we have mats available for you but it's always a good idea to bring your own mat

it's more hygienic and personal

- it's a clean space, we do a lot of deep breathing

please try not to come in wearing heavy perfumes/ colognes

- please come in clean and hygienic, and if you love to sweat as much we do

please bring a small towel

- we have a bathroom where you can also change your clothes

but we recommend you arrive prepared for practice to save time

- we offer modifications we adjust the asana to suit your body, not your body to suit the asana

- we also have blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets and eye pillows :-)

- we have tea and water for you!

- please make sure to read our terms & conditions found at the bottom of our website

Thank you for joining our classes 


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