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Dear Yoga Teachers, since we receive so many applications and CV's we decided to make this announcement so that we both save some time (and because we really hate to always disappoint and reject your applications with the same explanation, you all put so much effort into what you write to us) So first of all, thank you for your interest in teaching with us! In our first year, we were very open minded and gave a lot of teachers opportunities. We were very generous with our space and schedule. After that one year we pretty much have a good understanding of what works and what doesn't, what we can and want to support and what we can't, therefore we are no longer open to trying other, additional or new classes. We offer our space to rent if you would like to organize your own classes and set yourself up independently. For Ashtanga Yoga teachers, we work with referrals, and generally we require minimum 4 years practice experience and minimum 2 years teaching experience. Thank you for your understanding! Good luck & much love :-)

Our email address is

** please note that we prefer not to have a phone number. Please arrive on time for your class. If you are signed up to the class and not there on time then we will wait upto 5 minutes as we will assume you are running late and that's okay, it happens. BUT PLEASE make sure to sign out (either in advance or at the starting time) of the class should you not be able to make it, thank you


Levantplein 18, 1019 MK Amsterdam

{ We are located in Zeeburg - KNSM Laan - Amsterdam Oost }

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