Our studio is available for rent during the day! Would you like to organize your own yoga classes or private sessions? 

The space is ideal for yoga therapists, and suitable for other private sessions such as life coaching or for teachers-in-training; organize your own classes and practice teaching!


-   46 m2 practice space

-   laminaat floor (top layer real oak wood)

-   speaker + input cable

-   aroma diffuser

-   14 bolsters; 14 cushions; 14 eye pillows; 14 belts; 14 blocks; 16 mats (kurma black); 30 blankets




PRICES (excl. VAT)

For one time rentals, the minimum is 60 min and maximum 3 hrs 30 min.

One time rental * 60 min  |  € 30 

+ 60 min  |  € 10

We add € 30 to the hour, and € 10 if 60 min isn't enough


Let's clarify; renting the space for 75 min or 90 min comes to the same total of € 40

Renting for 2 hours = € 60, more than 2 hours (2 hrs 15 min / 2hrs 30 min) = € 70


Renting for 3 hours = € 90

You can organize a 3.5 hour workshop for € 100!

For regular rentals we have a special deal:

5 x rental + 60 min  |  € 95

You can use our space 5 times for up to 90 min at a time, we do not offer refunds or credits if you do not use all 5 rental sessions within 2 months

Your 5 rental deal is activated from the date of your first booking

We require advance notice for cancellations, we are asking for a written 24 hour cancellation notice for fixed rentals to receive the credit, that way you can use your rental session another time




All prices include use of mats + props, and other facilities + necessities such as bathroom / changing room, tea and water. Availability during the week varies, in general the space is available all week between classes. Get in touch with Jessica at info@av-yogashala.com for more information!

** we do not offer our space for rent for other ashtanga classes

** please do not rely on our members or regular students to fill up your class or workshop

** we will be in contact to choose a suitable time and day for your rental to take place after which we will send you an invoice please pay within 7 days to hold your booking

** for all rental bookings (one time and fixed) we require advance notice for cancellations, please have a look at our cancellation policy below:

- 48 hour cancellation notice for one time rentals to receive a full refund of the total amount paid

- 24 hour cancellation notice for fixed rentals to receive the credit


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