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Handmade lavender scented eye pillow perfect for relaxing.

Filled with buckwheat and flaxseed, soaked in lavender essential oil, these eye pillows are comfortable and calming. Perfect for meditation, Savasana, or just for relaxation.


In collaboration with Fact & Matter, our eye pillows have been lovingly handmade in Nigeria supporting local families using fair trade principles.

Lavender Scented Eye Pillows

SKU: 364215375135191
  • At Fact and Matter we love colour, graphic prints and bold designs. We are inspired by local craftsmanship, products and prints. And this is exactly why we are hooked on the colourful wax printed and Adire fabrics of West Africa. Together with a local craftswoman and designers we create products for you and your home.

    We take great care in sourcing our fabrics and prints. Our wax fabrics come from Balogun market in Lagos, Nigeria. In the small back alleys of this market you can find almost anything you need. We love finding and selecting the most beautiful prints for you. Each print is usually printed only once in different colour combinations. This is exactly what makes them so unique.

    Our Adire fabric has a different (his)story. Adire is a Yoruba word meaning tied and dyed. There are different ways of creating Adire fabric and each way has its specific method involving folding, tying, stitching or printing of the fabric. Traditionally, natural handmade Indigo is the colour used for Adire fabric, creating that beautiful, deep blue hue. After dying the fabric by hand; each print is tested for colour bleed, pre-washed and hung to dry. After this process every single Fact and Matter item is carefully handcrafted. All our prints are designed and custom made for us in Abeokuta, Nigeria.

    We believe it is important to share facts that matter. The history of wax fabric is a global and complex story. It is impossible to separate wax fabric from colonial history. And it is impossible to separate colonial history from slavery. All have their effect on the balance of power in the world. Recognizing our place in the history of textile production on the African continent and globally, we are committed to support a long-term, growing and sustainable economy in Nigeria by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, being respectful of culture and tradition, focus on equal practices and making a product that our customers truly love. All our fabric and products are created by and bought from passionate and talented women in West-Africa. They run their small businesses like a boss and form the backbone of society and economy.

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