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Copper Tongue Scraper, Neti Pot + Cotton Keep Bag


Tongue cleaning, also known as tongue scraping, is the daily Ayurvedic ritual of gently scraping unwanted toxins and residue off of the tongue. Traditionally this practice is done with copper for its powerful antiseptic effects. Tongue cleaning eliminates the bacteria which cause bad breath, draws ama, or toxins, out of the body and improves digestion by stimulating the taste buds. 


This daily ritual is best done first thing in the morning, prior to eating or drinking. After brushing and flossing, extend the tongue out of the mouth. Place the tongue cleaner towards the back of the tongue and gently scrape the ama or film forward and out of the mouth. Wash the ama off of the tongue cleaner and repeat until the tongue is clean. This is usually followed with oil pulling, typically organic cold pressed sesame seed oil is recommended. Oil pulling is the ritual of pulling or swishing oil through the teeth for 10 to 20 minutes to support overall oral health and hygiene (you can do this in the shower and while getting dressed). This practice is suggested to be practiced every morning after tongue cleaning. Do not swallow the oil.



A Neti Pot is a container designed to rinse debris or mucus from your nasal cavity using a saltwater solution. You might use a neti pot to treat symptoms of congestion, nasal allergies, sinus problems or colds.


If you choose to make your own saltwater solution, it's important to use bottled water that has been distilled or sterilized. Tap water is acceptable if it's been passed through a filter with a pore size of 1 micron or smaller or if it's been boiled for several minutes and then left to cool until it's lukewarm. It is best to use a pure, non-iodized salt. Other minerals found in sea or table salt can be irritating to the nasal passages.


Use a level ¼ teaspoon for finely ground salt. Mix with 8 ounces of warm sterilized water until the salt is completely dissolved. Always use sterilized water, such as boiled or distilled water, during nasal cleansing. If you boil your water, please make sure it is cooled to body temperature before using in your neti pot.


If the solution irritates your nose, it is either not salty enough, or too salty. Taste the solution; if you can barely taste the salt, you’ve used too little and need to use more. If it is very salty, you’ve used too much salt and need to use less.


To use the neti pot, tilt your head sideways over the sink and place the spout of the neti pot in the upper nostril. Breathing through your open mouth, gently pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril so that the liquid drains through the lower nostril. Repeat on the other side.





** we do not sell oil pulling oil, we recommend you purchase a organic cold pressed sesame oil at an organic supermarket or health store

Beginners Cleanse Kit

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