Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one, knowledge was transmitted directly from teacher to student and physical practice was adapted to one's personal needs

Ashtanga Mysore is like a private class but within a group setting (a self-practice within a group where the teacher walks around the room and helps each student individually when and where necessary). If you are completely new to this style of practice then we highly recommend you join a beginners group class (Saturday’s at 09.30) to familiarise yourself with the sequence or to take a private class with either Mark or Jessica to fully understand everything before joining the Mysore program


Ashtanga Mysore classes are for all levels of practitioners. We recommend a private class because the Mysore room can be quite busy at times and we can't dedicate as much time to beginners as we would like to - it's very important to us that you have a solid understanding of the basics so that you feel confident from the start 

A private class is a 90 min introduction to the basics of the Ashtanga practice (breath, bandhas and drishti) we will have a chance to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about the practice and we will have a chance to explain to you how it works in the Mysore room

Private classes are a wonderful opportunity to have time for yourself and to develop your own Yoga practice. In a one-to-one session the focus will be on exactly what you need for your own growth and development. These sessions are tailored to your needs, so that you're supported and get the most of it. Besides developing an asana practice, private sessions gives you the opportunity to look at the different aspects of Yoga such as relaxation, meditation and Yoga philosophy


Private classes are 90 min (1 hour and a half)

• Talking, introduction to the tradition and philosophy

• Sitting, connecting with the breath

• Asana practice (based on the primary series, modified to your needs)

• Meditation

• Semi guided relaxation 

PRICES (incl. VAT)



One-to-one  |  € 60

* One-to-One with Mark    90



5 private classes  * 90 min  |  € 280

10 private classes * 90 min  |  € 560

* 10 private classes (75 min) with Mark    675


Cancelling an appointment for a private class can be done without charge up to 24 hours before the start of the appointment. You will be charged in full if canceled within 24 hours. Please be on time, we have to cancel the appointment (non refundable) if you are more than 10 minutes late since we can’t guarantee the quality and benefits of the class anymore


All private classes are available upon request, please fill in the request form below and we will get back to you!

Private classes with Mark are possible upon request

* Regular private classes are possible on Sunday's 12.15 - 13.30 (75 min)

* These regular classes are only possible if you have already worked with Mark in the past

Who would you like a private class with?

* Private classes with other teachers can be arranged with them directly at your and their convenience. Teachers work independently and are not contracted by the studio, prices are set by them and both of you may decide where the session takes place; yoga teachers / therapists can rent our space for €36,30 (incl. VAT) please take into consideration that these rental costs will go on top of the teachers’ asking price. More details about renting our space

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